Revolutionizing the financial infrastructure of professional football

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500,000,000 STARS

What is Stars?

STARS is a sports franchise-backed token on the Ethereum blockchain that will be issued by Stars Group, an ownership conglomerate of professional football clubs.

STARS is the fundamental currency supporting transactions of professional sports clubs for merchandise sales, ticket sales, live-stream broadcasting and inner-group player transfers. Stars Group aims to utilize STARS token to disrupt the sports industry.

The fluidity of a single currency, full transparency of the ledger and the decentralized nature of a token based on the Ethereum blockchain provides our global stakeholders with the opportunity to participate in the exponential growth of the sports industry.

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  • Stars Group Benefits

    • Reduced facilitation and cross currency fees on transactions executed between clubs

    • Increased security of transaction information/data

    • Transparency of exchanges between internal holding franchises

    • Proof of ownership for transaction linked contracts

    • Incentivized commitment of player into team performance with STARS token bonus

  • Consumer Benefits

    • Reduced facilitation and cross currency fees on transactions executed between Stars Group and consumers

    • Increased security, validity and tracking of ticketing information / data

    • Direct path for fans to contribute to a rapidly growing football franchise group and, in return, receive access to Stars Group platform

    • Invested engagement of global fan bases

Football Market

Football market is valued at over €25 Billion within Europe and is continuing to grow around the world

Broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals are driving the market, generating over €2.5 billion per year for elite European leagues

Franchises are spending at an unprecedented rate with over €4.2 billion in transfer fees  during the 2016 season

The most prestigious tournament in football, UEFA Champions League, drives top-of-the-line franchise revenues with €1.3189 billion in total prize money

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